Data compression

OneFS supports inline data compression on Isilon F810 and H5600 nodes, and on PowerScale F200 and F600 nodes.

The F810 node contains a Network Interface Card (NIC) that compresses and decompresses data.

Hardware compression and decompression are performed in parallel across the 40Gb Ethernet interfaces of supported nodes as clients read and write data to the cluster. This distributed interface model allows compression to scale linearly across the node pool as supported nodes are added to a cluster.

You can enable inline data compression on a cluster that:
  • Contains F810, H5600, F200, or F600 node pools
  • Offers a 40Gb Ethernet back-end network
The following table lists the nodes and OneFS release combinations that support inline data compression.
Nodes Required OneFS releases
F810 8.1.3 or 8.2.1 and later
H5600 8.2.2 and later
F200 and F600 and later

Mixed Clusters

In a mixed cluster environment, data is stored in a compressed form on F810, H5600, F200, and F600 node pools. Data that is written or tiered to storage pools of other node types is uncompressed when it moves between pools.