Role-based access

You can assign role-based access to delegate administrative tasks to selected users.

Role based access control (RBAC) allows the right to perform particular administrative actions to be granted to any user who can authenticate to a cluster. Roles are created by a Security Administrator, assigned privileges, and then assigned members. All administrators, including those given privileges by a role, must connect to the System zone to configure the cluster. When these members log in to the cluster through a configuration interface, they have these privileges. All administrators can configure settings for access zones, and they always have control over all access zones on the cluster.

Roles also give you the ability to assign privileges to member users and groups. By default, only the root user and the admin user can log in to the web administration interface through HTTP or the command-line interface through SSH. Using roles, the root and admin users can assign others to built-in or custom roles that have login and administrative privileges to perform specific administrative tasks.

NOTE: As a best practice, assign users to roles that contain the minimum set of necessary privileges. For most purposes, the default permission policy settings, system access zone, and built-in roles are sufficient. You can create role-based access management policies as necessary for your particular environment.