View the security hardening status

You can view the security hardening status of the Isilon cluster and each cluster node. A cluster is not considered hardened until all of its nodes are hardened. During the hardening process, if OneFS encounters issues that must be resolved manually, or if you defer issues to resolve them manually, the nodes on which the issues occur are not hardened until the issues are resolved and the hardening profile is applied successfully. If you need help resolving these issues, contact Isilon Technical Support.

Before you begin

Viewing the security hardening status of the cluster requires root privileges and can be performed only through the command-line interface. To log in as the root user on a hardened cluster, you must connect through a serial console session. Root SSH is not allowed on a hardened cluster.

About this task

You do not need a security hardening license to view the hardening status of the cluster.


  1. Open a console session on any node in the cluster and log in as root.
  2. Run the isi hardening status command to view the status of security hardening on the Isilon cluster and each of the nodes.
    The system displays output similar to the following example:
    Cluster Name: test-cluster
    Hardening Status: Not Hardened
    Profile: STIG
    Node status:
    test-cluster-1: Disabled
    test-cluster-2: Enabled
    test-cluster-3: Enabled