View groupnets

You can view a list of all groupnets on the system and view the details of a specific groupnet.


  1. Click Cluster Management > Networking Configuration > External Network.
    The External Network table displays all groupnets in the system and displays the following attributes:
    • Groupnet name
    • DNS servers assigned to the groupnet
    • The type of groupnet
    • Groupnet description
  2. Click the View/Edit button in a row to view the current settings for that groupnet.
    The View Groupnet Details dialog box opens and displays the following settings:
    • Groupnet name
    • Groupnet description
    • DNS servers assigned to the groupnet
    • DNS search suffixes
    • Whether DNS resolver is enabled
    • Whether DNS search is enabled
    • Whether DNS caching is enabled
  3. Click the tree arrow next to a groupnet name to view subnets assigned to the groupnet.
    The table displays each subnet in a new row within the groupnet tree.
  4. When you have finished viewing groupnet details, click Close.