View and configure default NFS export settings

You can view and configure default NFS export settings. Changes to these settings apply to all new exports and any existing exports that are using default values.

About this task

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Changes to default export settings affect all current and future NFS exports that use default settings. Incorrectly changing these settings can negatively affect the availability of the NFS file sharing service. It is recommended that you not change the default settings, particularly advanced settings, unless you have experience working with NFS. Instead, you should change settings as needed for individual NFS exports as you create them.


  1. Select Protocols > UNIX Sharing (NFS) > Export Settings.
    Common NFS export settings are listed in the Export Settings area: Root User Mapping, Non-Root User Mapping, Failed User Mapping, and Security Flavors. Modify the default settings that you want to apply to all new NFS exports, or to existing exports that use any of the default values.
  2. In the Advanced Export Settings area, you can edit advanced settings.
    It is recommended that you do not change advanced settings unless it is necessary and you fully understand the consequences of the changes.
  3. Click Save Changes.