View a user token

You can view the contents of an access token generated for a user during authentication.

About this task

This procedure is available only through the command-line interface.


  1. Open a secure shell (SSH) connection to any node in the cluster and log in.
  2. Run the isi auth mapping token command.
    The following command displays the access token of a user with UID 4236 in the zone3 access zone:
    isi auth mapping token --uid=4236 --zone=zone3
    The system displays output similar to the following example:
     Name: user_36
     UID: 4236
     SID: S-1-22-1-4236
     On Disk: 4236
    ZID: 3
    Zone: zone3
    Privileges: -
    Primary Group
    		Name: user_36
    		GID: 4236
    		SID: S-1-22-2-4236
      On Disk: 4236