Specify source directories and files

You must specify the directories and files you want to replicate.

About this task

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In a SyncIQ replication policy, OneFS enables you to specify a source directory that is a target directory, or is contained within a target directory, from a different replication policy. Referred to as cascading replication, this use case is specifically for backup purposes, and should be used carefully. OneFS does not allow failback in such cases.


  1. In the Source Cluster area, in the Source Root Directory field, type the full path of the source directory that you want to replicate to the target cluster.

    You must specify a directory contained in /ifs. You cannot specify the directory /ifs/.snapshot or a subdirectory of it.

  2. Optional: Prevent specific subdirectories of the source directory from being replicated.
    • To include a directory, in the Included Directories area, click Add a directory path.
    • To exclude a directory, in the Excluded Directories area, click Add a directory path.
  3. Optional: Prevent specific files from being replicated by specifying file matching criteria.
    1. In the File Matching Criteria area, select a filter type.
    2. Select an operator.
    3. Type a value.
    Files that do not meet the specified criteria will not be replicated to the target cluster. For example, if you specify File Type doesn't match .txt, SyncIQ will not replicate any files with the .txt file extension. If you specify Created after 08/14/2013, SyncIQ will not replicate any files created before August 14th, 2013.

    If you want to specify more than one file matching criterion, you can control how the criteria relate to each other by clicking either Add an "Or" condition or Add an "And" condition.

  4. Specify which nodes you want the replication policy to connect to when the policy is run.

    Connect the policy to all nodes in the source cluster.

    Click Run the policy on all nodes in this cluster.

    Connect the policy only to nodes contained in a specified subnet and pool.

    1. Click Run the policy only on nodes in the specified subnet and pool.

    2. From the Subnet and pool list, select the subnet and pool.

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    SyncIQ does not support dynamically allocated IP address pools. If a replication job connects to a dynamically allocated IP address, SmartConnect might reassign the address while a replication job is running, which would disconnect the job and cause it to fail.

What to do next

The next step in the process of creating a replication policy is specifying the target directory.