Specify a SmartConnect service subnet

You can designate a subnet as the SmartConnect service subnet for an IP address pool. The service subnet answers all DNS requests on behalf of the pool's SmartConnect DNS zone.

Before you begin

The subnet that you designate as the SmartConnect service subnet must have a SmartConnect service IP address configured, and the subnet must be in the same groupnet as the IP address pool. For example, although a pool might belong to subnet3, you can designate subnet5 as the SmartConnect service subnet as long as both subnets are under the same groupnet.

About this task

If a pool does not have a designated service subnet, incoming DNS requests are answered by the subnet that contains the pool, provided that the subnet is configured with a SmartConnect service IP address. Otherwise, the DNS requests are excluded.


  1. Click Cluster Management > Network Configuration > External Network.
  2. Click View/Edit next to the IP address pool that you want to modify.
    The system displays the View Pool Details window.
  3. Click Edit.
    The system displays the Edit Pool Details window.
  4. From the SmartConnect Basic area, select a subnet from the SmartConnect Service Subnet list.
  5. Click Save Changes.