Search for quotas

You can search for a quota using a variety of search criteria.

About this task

By default, all storage quotas and display options are listed on this page before you apply report or search filters. If the Quotas & Storage section is collapsed, click Define quota display.


  1. Click File System > SmartQuotas > Quotas & Usage.
  2. In the filter bar, select the options that you want to filter by.
    • From the Type list, select the quota type that you want to find.
    • To search for quotas that are over the limit, select Over limit from the Exceeded list.
    • In the Path field, type a full or partial path. You can use the wildcard character (*) in the Path field.
    • To search subdirectories, select Include children from the Recursive list.
    Quotas that match the search criteria appear in the Quotas & Usage table.


An accounting or enforcement quota with a threshold value of zero is indicated by a dash (–). You can click the column headings to sort the result set.

Note Image

To clear the result set and display all storage quotas, click Reset.