Modify the LNN of a node

You can modify the logical node number (LNN) of a node. This procedure is available only through the command-line interface (CLI).

About this task

The nodes within your cluster can be renamed to any name/integer between 1 and 144. By changing the name of your node, you are resetting the LNN.
Note Image

  • Although you can specify any integer as an LNN, we recommend that you do not specify an integer greater than 144. Specifying LNNs above 144 can result in significant performance degradation.
  • Ignore these instructions if you are running IsilonSD Edge because you cannot modify the LNN of an IsilonSD node.


  1. Open a secure shell (SSH) connection to any node in the cluster and log in.
  2. Open the isi config command prompt by running the following command:
    isi config
  3. Run the lnnset command.
    The following command switches the LNN of a node from 12 to 73:
    lnnset 12 73
  4. Enter commit .


You might need to reconnect to your SSH session before the new node name is automatically changed.