Remove a node from the cluster

You can remove a node from an OneFS cluster. When you remove a node, the system smartfails the node to ensure that data on the node is transferred to other nodes in the cluster.

About this task

Removing a storage node from a cluster deletes the data from that node. Before the system deletes the data, the FlexProtect job safely redistributes data across the nodes remaining in the cluster.

Note Image

If you are running IsilonSD Edge, follow the instructions in the IsilonSD Edge Installation and Administration Guide to remove a node from the cluster.


  1. Navigate to Cluster Management > Hardware Configuration > Remove Nodes.
  2. In the Remove Node area, specify the node that you want to remove.
  3. Click Submit.

    If you remove a storage node, the Cluster Status area displays smartfail progress. If you remove a non-storage accelerator node, it is immediately removed from the cluster.