Provision home directories with dot files

You can provision home directories with dot files.

Before you begin

To perform most configuration tasks, you must log on as a member of the SecurityAdmin role.

About this task

The skeleton directory, which is located at /usr/share/skel by default, contains a set of files that are copied to the user's home directory when a local user is created or when a user home directory is dynamically created during login. Files in the skeleton directory that begin with dot. are renamed to remove the dot prefix when they are copied to the user's home directory. For example, dot.cshrc is copied to the user's home directory as .cshrc. This format enables dot files in the skeleton directory to be viewable through the command-line interface without requiring the ls -a command.

For SMB shares that might use home directories that were provisioned with dot files, you can set an option to prevent users who connect to the share through SMB from viewing the dot files.


  1. Run the following command to display the default skeleton directory in the System access zone:
    isi zone zones view System

    The system displays output similar to the following example:

                   Name: System
     Skeleton Directory: /usr/share/skel
  2. Run the isi zone zones modify command to modify the default skeleton directory.
    The following command modifies the default skeleton directory, /usr/share/skel, in an access zone, where System is the value for the <zone> option and /usr/share/skel2 is the value for the <path> option:
    isi zone zones modify System --skeleton-directory=/usr/share/skel2