Prioritize a file pool policy

You can change the priority of custom file pool policies. File pool policies are evaluated in descending order according to their position in the file pool policies list.

About this task

By default, new policies are inserted immediately above the default file pool policy, which is always last in the list and therefore lowest in priority. You can give a custom policy higher or lower priority by moving it up or down in the list.


  1. Click File System > Storage Pools > File Pool Policies.

    The File Pool Policies tab displays two lists: File Pool Policies and Policy Templates.

  2. In the File Pool Policies list, in the Order column, click an arrow icon next to a policy to move it up or down in the priority order.
  3. Repeat the above step for each policy whose priority you want to change.


When the SmartPools system job runs, it processes the file pool policies in priority order. The default file pool policy is applied to all files that are not matched by any other file pool policy.