Override the retention period for all files in a SmartLock directory

You can override the retention period for files in a SmartLock directory. All files committed to a WORM state within the directory will remain in a WORM state until after the specified day.

About this task

If files are committed to a WORM state after the retention period is overridden, the override date functions as a minimum retention date. All files committed to a WORM state do not expire until at least the given day, regardless of user specifications.


  1. Click File System > SmartLock > WORM.
  2. In the Write Once Read many (WORM) Domains table, in the row of a SmartLock directory, click View / Edit.
  3. Click Edit Domain.
  4. Click Override retention periods and protect all files until a specific date and then specify a date.
  5. Click Save Changes.