Modify the internal network netmask

You can modify the netmask value for the internal network.

About this task

If the netmask is too restrictive for the size of the internal network, you must modify the netmask settings. It is recommended that you specify a class C netmask, such as, for the internal netmask. This netmask is large enough to accommodate future nodes.
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For the changes in netmask value to take effect, you must reboot the cluster.


  1. Click Cluster Management > Network Configuration > Internal Network.
  2. In the Internal Network Settings area, select the network that you want to configure the netmask for.
    • To select the int-a network, click int-a.
    • To select the int-b/failover network, click int-b/Failover.
      Note Image

      Ignore this step if you are configuring the netmask for IsilonSD Edge.

    We recommend that the netmask values you specify for int-a and int-b/failover are the same. If you modify the netmask value of one, modify the other.
  3. In the Netmask field, type a netmask value.
    You cannot modify the netmask value if the change invalidates any node addresses.
  4. Click Submit.
    A dialog box prompts you to reboot the cluster.
  5. Specify when you want to reboot the cluster.
    • To immediately reboot the cluster, click Yes. When the cluster finishes rebooting, the login page appears.
    • Click No to return to the Edit Internal Network page without changing the settings or rebooting the cluster.