Modify the internal IP address range

Each internal InfiniBand network requires an IP address range. The ranges should have a sufficient number of IP addresses for present operating conditions as well as future expansion and addition of nodes. You can add, remove, or migrate IP addresses for both the initial internal network (int-a) and secondary internal network (int-b/failover).


  1. Click Cluster Management > Network Configuration > Internal Network.
  2. In the Internal Networks Settings area, select the network that you want to add IP addresses for.
    • To select the int-a network, click int-a.
    • To select the int-b/failover network, click int-b/Failover.
      Note Image

      Ignore this step if you are specifying the internal network settings for IsilonSD Edge.

  3. In the IP Ranges area, you can add, delete, or migrate your IP address ranges.
    Ideally, the new range is contiguous with the previous one. For example, if your current IP address range is–, the new range should start with
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Restart the cluster, if needed.
    • If you remove any IP address that are currently in use, you must restart the cluster.
    • If you add IP address changes are within the internal network netmask, you do not need to restart the cluster.
    • If you change the internal network netmask, you must restart the cluster.
    • If you migrate the IP address ranges, you must restart the cluster.