Modify job type settings

You can customize system maintenance jobs for your administrative workflow by modifying the default priority level, impact level, and schedule for a job type.


  1. Click Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Types.
  2. In the Job Types table, locate the row for the policy you want to modify and click View / Edit.

    The View Job Type Details window appears, displaying current default settings, schedule, current state, and recent activity.

  3. Click Edit Job Type. The Edit Job Type Details window appears.
  4. Modify the details you want to change. You can modify the default priority, the default impact policy, whether the job is enabled, and whether the job runs manually or on a schedule.
  5. Click Scheduled to modify a job schedule, then select the schedule option from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Save Changes.
    The modifications are saved and applied to all instances of that job type. The results are shown in the View Job Type Details window.
  7. Click Close.