Modify an MIT Kerberos provider

You can modify the realm authentication information and the service principal name (SPN) information for an MIT Kerberos provider.

Before you begin

You must be a member of the SecurityAdmin role to view and access the View / Edit button to modify an MIT Kerberos provider.


  1. Click Access > Authentication Providers > Kerberos Provider.
  2. In the Kerberos Provider table, select a domain and click View / Edit.
  3. In the View a Kerberos Provider page, click Edit Provider.
  4. In the Realm Authentication Information section, specify the credentials for a user with permissions to create SPNs in the given Kerberos realm.
  5. In the Provider Information section, select one of the following options for managing the SPNs:
    • Use the recommended SPNs.
    • Type an SPN in the format service/principal@realm to manually associate the SPN with the selected realm. You can add more than one SPN for association, if necessary.
  6. Click Save Changes to return to the View a Kerberos Provider page.
  7. Click Close.