Modify an impact policy

You can change the name, description, and impact intervals of a custom impact policy.

Before you begin

You cannot modify the default impact policies, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, and OFF_HOURS. If you want to modify a policy, create and modify a copy of a default policy.


  1. Navigate to Cluster Management > Job Operations > Impact Policies.
  2. In the Impact Policies table, click View / Edit for the policy you want to modify.
    The Edit Impact Policy window appears.
  3. Click Edit Impact Policy, and modify one or all of the following:

    Policy description

    1. In the Description field, type a new overview for the impact policy.

    2. Click Submit.

    Impact schedule

    1. In the Impact Schedule area, modify the schedule of the impact policy by adding, editing, or deleting impact intervals.

    2. Click Save Changes.
    The modified impact policy is saved and listed in alphabetical order in the Impact Policies table.