Modify ACL policy settings

You can modify ACL policy settings but the default ACL policy settings are sufficient for most cluster deployments.

About this task

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Because ACL policies change the behavior of permissions throughout the system, they should be modified only as necessary by experienced administrators with advanced knowledge of Windows ACLs. This is especially true for the advanced settings, which are applied regardless of the cluster's environment.

For UNIX, Windows, or balanced environments, the optimal permission policy settings are selected and cannot be modified. However, you can choose to manually configure the cluster's default permission settings if necessary to support your particular environment.


  1. Click Access > ACL Policy Settings.
  2. In the Environment area, select the option that best describes your environment, or select Custom environment to configure individual permission policies.
  3. If you selected the Custom environment option, settings in the General ACL Settings area as needed.
  4. In the Advanced ACL Settings area, configure the settings as needed.