Map an email notification rule for a quota

Email notification mapping rules control how email addresses are resolved when the cluster sends a quota notification.

About this task

If required, you can remap the domain that is used for SmartQuotas email notifications. You can remap Active Directory Windows domains, local UNIX domains, or NIS domains.

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You must be logged in to the web administration interface to perform this task.


  1. Click File System > SmartQuotas > Settings.
  2. Optional: In the Email Mapping area, click Add a Mapping Rule.
  3. From the Type list, select the authentication provider type for this notification rule. The default is Local. To determine which authentication providers are available on the cluster, browse to Access > Authentication Providers.
  4. From the Current domain list, select the domain that you want to use for the mapping rule. If the list is blank, browse to Cluster Management > Network Configuration, and then specify the domains that you want to use for mapping.
  5. In the Map to domain field, type the name of the domain that you want to map email notifications to. This can be the same domain name that you selected from the Current domain list. To specify multiple domains, separate the domain names with commas.
  6. Click Create Rule.