Manage quotas

Quotas help you monitor and analyze the current or historical use of disk storage. You can search for quotas, and you can view, modify, delete, and unlink a quota.

About this task

You must run an initial QuotaScan job for the default or scheduled quotas, or the data that is displayed may be incomplete.

Before you modify a quota, consider how the changes will affect the file system and end users.

Note Image

  • The options to edit or delete a quota display only when the quota is not linked to a default quota.
  • The option to unlink a quota is available only when the quota is linked to a default quota.


  1. Click File System > SmartQuotas > Quotas & Usage.
  2. Optional: In the filter bar, select the options that you want to filter by.
    • From the Type list, select the quota type that you want to find.
    • To search for quotas that are over the limit, select Over limit from the Exceeded list.
    • In the Path field, type a full or partial path. You can use the wildcard character (*) in the Path field.
    • To search subdirectories, select Include children from the Recursive list.
    Quotas that match the search criteria appear in the Quotas & Usage table.
  3. Optional: Locate the quota that you want to manage. You can perform the following actions:
    • To review or edit this quota, click View Details.
    • To delete the quota, click Delete.
    • To unlink a linked quota, click Unlink.
      Note Image

      Configuration changes for linked quotas must be made on the parent (default) quota that the linked quota is inheriting from. Changes to the parent quota are propagated to all children. If you want to override configuration from the parent quota, you must first unlink the quota.