Generate a license activation file

To update the license file, generate a license activation file and submit it to EMC Software Licensing Central (SLC).


  1. Click Cluster Management > Licensing.
  2. In the OneFS License Management area, click Open Activation File Wizard.
  3. Click the checkboxes next to the software modules to select or de-select the contents of your activation file.
    Modules that are pre-selected are currently included in your license file. You can de-select a module to remove the license.

    To undo changes that were made to the list, click Revert changes at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click Review Changes.
  5. Review the changes you are planning to make to the activation file.
    The Contents of activation file area contains a list of all licenses that will be included in the activation file.

    This page also lists licenses that you selected to remove from the activation file, as well as licenses that were selected to add.

  6. Click Create file.
  7. Review the full contents of the activation file.
    The OneFS license and a summary of the hardware tiers are also displayed on this summary page.
  8. Click Accept.
  9. Click Download activation file.
    Save the activation file to the local machine.
  10. Click Complete process.
    Now that you have a copy of the activation file on your local machine, you can submit the file to EMC Software Licensing Central (SLC).