Enable and configure file filtering in an access zone

You can enable file filtering per access zone and specify which file types users are denied or allowed write access to within the access zone.


  1. Click Access > File Filter.
  2. From the Current Access Zone list, select the access zone that you want to apply file filtering to.
  3. Select Enable file filters.
  4. From the File Extensions list, select one of the following filtering methods:
    • Deny writes for list of file extensions
    • Allow writes for list of file extensions
  5. Click Add file extensions.
    The Add File Extensions dialog box appears.
  6. In the File Extensions field, type the file name extension of the file type you want to filter.
    The extension must start with a "." such as .txt.
  7. Optional: Click Add another file extension to enter multiple extensions.
  8. Click Add Extensions.
  9. Click Save Changes.