Edit a tier

You can modify the name and change the node pools that are assigned to a tier.

About this task

A tier name can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores but cannot begin with a number.


  1. Click File System > Storage Pools > SmartPools.

    The SmartPools tab displays two groups: Tiers & Node Pools and Compatibilities.

  2. In the Tiers & Node Pools area, next to the tier you want to edit, click View/Edit.
  3. In the View Tier Details dialog box, click Edit Tier.
  4. In the Edit Tier Details dialog box, modify the following settings as needed:
    Tier Name
    To change the name of the tier, select and type over the existing name.
    Node Pool Selection
    To change the node pool selection, select a node pool, and click either Add or Remove.
  5. When you have finished editing tier settings, click Save Changes.
  6. In the View Tier Details dialog box, click Close.