Download the Isilon vendor provider certificate

To add an Isilon cluster VASA vendor provider in VMware vCenter, you must use a vendor provider certificate.


  1. In a supported web browser, connect to an Isilon cluster at https://<IPAddress>, where <IPAddress> is the IP address of the Isilon cluster.
  2. Add a security exception and view the security certificate to make sure that it is current.
  3. Download the security certificate and save it to a location on your machine.

    For more information about exporting a security certificate, see the documentation of your browser.

    Note Image

    Record the location of where you saved the certificate. You will need this file path when adding the vendor provider in vCenter.

What to do next

If you are running vCenter version 6.0, follow the instructions in the Create a self-signed certificate section. If you are running the previous versions of vCenter, skip the next section and follow the instructions in the Add the Isilon vendor provider section.