Detect NDMP backup devices

If you connect a tape device or media changer to a Backup Accelerator node, you must configure OneFS to detect the device. Only then can OneFS back up data to and restore data from the device. In OneFS, you can scan a specific Isilon node, a specific port, or all ports on all nodes.


  1. Click Data Protection > NDMP > Devices.
  2. Click the Discover Devices link.
    The Discover Devices dialog appears.
  3. Optional: To scan only a specific node for NDMP devices, from the Node list, select a node.
  4. Optional: To scan only a specific port for NDMP devices, from the Ports list, select a port.

    If you specify a port and a node, only the specified port on the node is scanned. However, if you specify only a port, the specified port will be scanned on all nodes.

  5. Optional: To remove entries for devices or paths that have become inaccessible, select the Delete inaccessible paths or devices check box.
  6. Click Submit.


For each device that is detected, an entry is added to either the Tape Devices or Media Changers tables.