Delete a replication policy

You can delete a replication policy. After a policy is deleted, SyncIQ no longer creates replication jobs for the policy. Deleting a replication policy breaks the target association on the target cluster, and allows writes to the target directory.

About this task

If you want to temporarily suspend a replication policy from creating replication jobs, you can disable the policy, and then enable the policy again later.


  1. Click Data Protection > SyncIQ > Policies.
  2. In the SyncIQ Policies table, in the row for a policy, select Delete Policy.
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Delete.
    Note Image

    The operation will not succeed until SyncIQ can communicate with the target cluster; until then, the policy will not be removed from the SyncIQ Policies table. After the connection between the source cluster and target cluster is reestablished, SyncIQ will delete the policy the next time that the job is scheduled to run; if the policy is configured to run only manually, you must manually run the policy again. If SyncIQ is permanently unable to communicate with the target cluster, run the isi sync policies delete command with the --local-only option. This will delete the policy from the local cluster only and not break the target association on the target cluster. For more information, see the OneFS CLI Administration Guide.