Delete a groupnet

You can delete a groupnet from the system, unless it is associated with an access zone, an authentication provider, or it is the default groupnet. Removal of the groupnet from the system might affect several other areas of OneFS and should be performed with caution.

Before you begin

In several cases, the association between a groupnet and another OneFS component, such as access zones or authentication providers, is absolute. You cannot modify these components so that they become associate with another groupnet.

In the event that you need to delete a groupnet, we recommend that you complete the these tasks in the following order:

  1. Delete IP address pools in subnets associated with the groupnet.
  2. Delete subnets associated with the groupnet .
  3. Delete authentication providers associated with the groupnet .
  4. Delete access zones associated with the groupnet .


  1. Click Cluster Management > Networking Configuration > External Network.
  2. Click the More button in the row of the groupnet you want to delete, and then click Delete Groupnet.
  3. At the Confirm Delete dialog box, click Delete.
    If you did not first delete access zones associated with the groupnet, the deletion fails, and the system displays an error.