Create special home directories with the SMB share %U variable

The special SMB share name %U enables you to create a home-directory SMB share that appears the same as a user's user name.

About this task

You typically set up a %U SMB share with a share path that includes the %U expansion variable. If a user attempts to connect to a share matching the login name and it does not exist, the user connects to the %U share instead and is directed to the expanded path for the %U share.
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If another SMB share exists that matches the user's name, the user connects to the explicitly named share rather than to the %U share.


  1. Run the following command to create a share that matches the authenticated user login name when the user connects to the share:
    isi smb share create %U /ifs/home/%U \
      --allow-variable-expansion=yes --auto-create-directory=yes \
    After running this command, user Zachary will see a share named 'zachary' rather than '%U', and when Zachary tries to connect to the share named 'zachary', he will be directed to /ifs/home/zachary. On a Windows client, if Zachary runs the following commands, he sees the contents of his /ifs/home/zachary directory:
    net use m: \\cluster.ip\zachary /u:zachary 
    cd m:
    Similarly, if user Claudia runs the following commands on a Windows client, she sees the directory contents of /ifs/home/claudia:
    net use m: \\cluster.ip\claudia /u:claudia 
    cd m: 

    Zachary and Claudia cannot access one another's home directory because only the share 'zachary' exists for Zachary and only the share 'claudia' exists for Claudia.