Create an NFS alias

You can create an NFS alias to map a long directory path to a simple pathname.

About this task

Aliases must be formed as a simple Unix-style directory path, for example, /home.


  1. Select Protocols > UNIX Sharing (NFS) > NFS Aliases.
  2. Click Create Alias.
  3. In the Alias Name field, type a name for the alias.
    The alias name must be formed as a simple UNIX-style path with one element, for example, /home.
  4. In the Path field, type the full path that the alias is to be associated with, or click Browse to search for the path.
    If you have set up access zones in OneFS, the full path must begin with the root of the current access zone.
  5. Click Create Alias.


The name, status, and path of the new alias are shown at the top of the NFS Aliases list.