Create an NDMP administrator account

Before you can perform NDMP backups, you must create an NDMP administrator account through which your data management application (DMA) can access the Isilon cluster.


  1. Click Data Protection > NDMP > NDMP Settings.
  2. In the NDMP Administrators area, click Add an NDMP Administrator.
    The Add NDMP Administrator dialog appears.
  3. In the Add NDMP Administrator dialog box, in the Name field, type a name for the account.
    Note Image

    The NDMP administrator that you create in this step is applicable only for NDMP operations. You cannot link this NDMP administrator to any other user, group, or identity on the cluster.

  4. In the Password and Confirm password fields, type the password for the account.
    Note Image

    There are no special password policy requirements for an NDMP administrator.

  5. Click Add NDMP Administrator.