Create an MIT Kerberos realm

An MIT Kerberos realm is an administrative domain that defines the boundaries within which an authentication server has the authority to authenticate a user or service. You can create a realm by defining a Key Distribution Center (KDC) and an administrative server.


  1. Click Access > Authentication Providers > Kerberos Provider.
  2. Click Create a Kerberos Realm.
  3. In the Realm Name field, type a domain name in uppercase characters. For example, CLUSTER-NAME.COMPANY.COM.
  4. Select the Set as the default realm check box to set the realm as the default.
  5. In the Key Distribution Centers (KDCs) field add one or more KDCs by specifying the IPv4 address, IPv6 address, or the hostname of each server.
  6. Optional: In the Admin Server field, specify the IPv4 address, IPv6 address, or hostname of the administration server, which will be fulfill the role of master KDC. If you omit this step, the first KDC that you added previously is used as the default administrative server.
  7. Optional: In the Default Domain field, specify the domain name to use for translating the service principal names.
  8. Click Create Realm.