Create an enforcement quota

You can create an enforcement quota to monitor and limit disk usage.

About this task

You can create enforcement quotas that set hard, soft, and advisory limits.


  1. Click File System > SmartQuotas > Quotas & Usage.
  2. Click Create a Quota.
    The Create a Quota dialog box appears.
  3. From the Quota Type list, select the target for this quota.
    • Directory quota
    • User quota
    • Group quota
  4. Depending on the target that you selected, select the entity that you want to apply the quota to. For example, if you selected User quota from the Quota Type list, you can target either all users or a specific user.
  5. In the Path field, type the path for the quota, or click Browse, and then select a directory.
  6. Optional: In the Quota Accounting area, select the options that you want to use.
    • To include snapshot data in the accounting quota, select Include Snapshot Data.
    • To include the data-protection overhead in the accounting quota, select Include Data-Protection Overhead.
  7. In the Quota Limits area, select Specify storage limits.
  8. Select the check box next to each limit that you want to enforce.
  9. Type numerals in the fields and from the lists, select the values that you want to use for the quota.
  10. In the Quota Notifications area, select the notification option that you want to apply to the quota.
  11. Optional: If you selected the option to use custom notification rules, click the link to expand the custom notification type that applies to the usage-limit selections.
  12. Click Create Quota.

What to do next

Before using quota data for analysis or other purposes, verify that no QuotaScan jobs are in progress by checking Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Summary.