Create an antivirus policy

You can create an antivirus policy that causes specific files to be scanned for viruses each time the policy is run.


  1. Click Data Protection > Antivirus > Policies.
  2. Click Create an Antivirus Policy.
  3. Optional: To enable the policy, click Enable antivirus policy.
  4. In the Policy Name field, type a name for the antivirus policy.
  5. Optional: To specify an optional description of the policy, in the Description field, type a description.
  6. In the Paths field, specify the directory that you want to scan.
    Optionally, click Add another directory path to specify additional directories.
  7. In the Recursion Depth area, specify how much of the specified directories you want to scan.
    • To scan all subdirectories of the specified directories, click Full recursion.
    • To scan a limited number of subdirectories of the specified directories, click Limit depth and then specify how many sub directories you want to scan.
  8. Optional: To scan all files regardless of whether OneFS has marked files as having been scanned, or if global settings specify that certain files should not be scanned, select Enable force run of policy regardless of impact policy.
  9. Optional: To modify the default impact policy of the antivirus scans, from the Impact Policy list, select a new impact policy.
  10. In the Schedule area, specify whether you want to run the policy according to a schedule or manually.
    Scheduled policies can also be run manually at any time.
    Run the policy only manually.
    Click Manual
    Run the policy according to a schedule.
    1. Click Scheduled.
    2. Specify how often you want the policy to run.
  11. Click Create Policy.