Create an access zone

You can create an access zone and define a base directory and authentication providers.


  1. Click Access > Access Zones.
  2. Click Create an access zone.
  3. In the Zone Name field, type a name for the access zone.
  4. In the Zone Base Directory field, type or browse to the base directory path for the access zone.
  5. If the directory you set does not already exist in the system, select the Create zone base directory if it does not exist checkbox.
  6. From the Groupnet list, select a groupnet to associate with the access zone. The access zone can only be associated with IP address pools and authentication providers that share the selected groupnet.
  7. Optional: Click Add a Provider to open the Add a New Auth Provider window and select an authentication provider for the access zone.
    1. From the Authentication Provider Type list, select a provider type. A provider type is listed only if an instance of that type exists in the system.
    2. From the Authentication Provider list, select the authentication provider.
    3. To change the order in which authentication providers are searched during authentication and user lookup, click the title bar of a provider instance and drag it to a new position in the list.
  8. Click Create Zone.
  9. If the directory you set overlaps with the base directory of another access zone, click Create at the system prompt to confirm that you want to allow access to users in both access zones.

What to do next

Before users can connect to an access zone, you must associate it with an IP address pool.