Create a user-mapping rule

You can create a user-mapping rule to manage user identities.


  1. Click Access > Membership & Roles > User Mapping.
  2. From the Current Access Zone list, select an access zone that contains the rules you want to manage, and then click Edit User Mapping Rules.
    The Edit User Mapping Rules dialog box appears.
  3. Click Create a User Mapping Rule.
    The Create a User Mapping Rule dialog box appears.
  4. From the Operation list, select an operation.
    Depending on your selection, the Create a User Mapping Rule displays additional fields.
  5. Fill in the fields as needed.
  6. Click Add Rule to save the rule and return to the Edit User Mapping Rules dialog box.
  7. In the User Mapping Rules area, click the title bar of a rule and drag it to a new position to change the position of a rule in the list.
    Rules are applied in the order they are listed. To ensure that each rule gets processed, list replacement rules first and list allow or deny rules at the end.
  8. If the access token is not associated with a default UNIX user or if the default UNIX user does not have a primary UID or GID, select one of the following options for authentication:
    • Generate a primary UID or GID from the reserved range of UIDs and GIDs
    • Deny access to the user
    • Assign another user as the default UNIX user
      Note Image

      It is recommended that you assign a user from the well-known account that has a read-only access.

  9. Click Save Changes.