Create a tier

You can group create a tier that contains one or more node pools. You can use the tier to store specific categories of files.


  1. Click File System > Storage Pools > SmartPools.

    The SmartPools tab appears with two sections: Tiers & Node Pools and Compatibilities.

  2. In the Tiers & Node Pools section, click Create a Tier.
  3. In the Create a Tier page that appears, enter a name for the tier.
  4. For each node pool that you want to add to the tier, select a node pool from the Available Node Pools list, and click Add.
    The node pool is moved into the Selected Node Pools for this Tier list.
  5. Click Create Tier.
    The Create a Tier page closes, and the new tier is added to the Tiers & Node Pools area. The node pools that you added are shown below the tier name.