Create a replication policy

You can create a replication policy with SyncIQ that defines how and when data is replicated to another Isilon cluster. Configuring a replication policy is a five-step process.

About this task

Configure replication policies carefully. If you modify any of the following policy settings after the policy is run, OneFS performs either a full or differential replication the next time the policy is run:

  • Source directory

  • Included or excluded directories

  • File-criteria statement

  • Target cluster name or address

    This applies only if you target a different cluster. If you modify the IP or domain name of a target cluster, and then modify the replication policy on the source cluster to match the new IP or domain name, a full replication is not performed.

  • Target directory

Note Image

If you create a replication policy for a SmartLock compliance directory, the SyncIQ and SmartLock compliance domains must be configured at the same root level. A SmartLock compliance domain cannot be nested inside a SyncIQ domain.