Configure identity mapping settings

You can enable or disable automatic allocation of UIDs and GIDS and customize the range of ID values in each access zone. The default range is 1000000–2000000.

About this task

This procedure is available only through the command-line interface.


  1. Open a secure shell (SSH) connection to any node in the cluster and log in.
  2. Run the isi auth settings mapping modify command.
    The following command enables automatic allocation of both UIDs and GIDs in the zone3 access zone and sets their allocation ranges to 25000–50000:
    isi auth settings mapping modify --gid-range-enabled=yes \
    --gid-range-min=25000 --gid-range-max=50000 --uid-range-enabled=yes \
    --uid-range-min=25000 --uid-range-max=50000 --zone=zone3