Configure default SMB share settings

You can configure SMB share settings specific to each access zone.

About this task

The default settings are applied to all new shares that are added to the access zone.
Caution Image
If you modify the default settings, the changes are applied to all existing shares in the access zone unless the setting was configured at the SMB share level.


  1. Click Protocols > Windows Sharing (SMB) > Default Share Settings.
  2. From the Current Access Zones drop-down list, select the access zone that the default settings apply to.
  3. In the File Filtering area, select Enable file filters to enable file filtering.
  4. In the Advanced Settings area, choose the system default or a custom configuration for the following settings:
    • Continuous Availability Timeout
    • Strict Continuous Availability Lockout
    • Create Permission
    • Directory Create Mask
    • Directory Create Mode
    • File Create Mask
    • File Create Mode
    • Change Notify
    • Oplocks
    • Impersonate Guest
    • Impersonate User
    • NTFS ACL
    • Access Based Enumeration
    • Host ACL
  5. Click Save Changes.