Configure default replication report settings

You can configure the default amount of time that SyncIQ retains replication reports for. You can also configure the maximum number of reports that SyncIQ retains for each replication policy.


  1. Click Data Protection > SyncIQ > Settings.
  2. In the Report Settings area, in the Keep Reports For area, specify how long you want to retain replication reports for.

    After the specified expiration period has passed for a report, SyncIQ automatically deletes the report.

    Some units of time are displayed differently when you view a report than how you originally enter them. Entering a number of days that is equal to a corresponding value in weeks, months, or years results in the larger unit of time being displayed. For example, if you enter a value of 7 days, 1 week appears for that report after it is created. This change occurs because SyncIQ internally records report retention times in seconds and then converts them into days, weeks, months, or years for display.

  3. In the Number of Reports to Keep Per Policy field, type the maximum number of reports you want to retain at a time for a replication policy.
  4. Click Submit.