Configure default replication policy settings

You can configure default settings for replication policies. If you do not modify these settings when creating a replication policy, the specified default settings are applied.


  1. Click Data Protection > SyncIQ > Settings.
  2. In the Default Policy Settings section, if you want policies to connect only to nodes in a specified SmartConnect zone, select Connect only to the nodes within the target cluster SmartConnect zone.
    Note Image

    This option will affect only policies that specify the target cluster as a SmartConnect zone.

  3. Specify which nodes you want replication policies to connect to when a policy is run.

    To connect policies to all nodes on a source cluster:

    Click Run the policy on all nodes in this cluster.

    To connect policies only to nodes contained in a specified subnet and pool:

    1. Click Run the policy only on nodes in the specified subnet and pool.

    2. From the Subnet and pool list, select the subnet and pool .

    Note Image

    SyncIQ does not support dynamically allocated IP address pools. If a replication job connects to a dynamically allocated IP address, SmartConnect might reassign the address while a replication job is running, which would disconnect the job and cause it to fail.

  4. Click Save Changes.