Configure custom quota notification rules

You can configure custom quota notification rules that apply only to a specified quota.

Before you begin

To configure a custom notification rule, an enforcement quota must exist or be in the process of being created. To configure notifications for an existing enforcement quota, follow the procedure to modify a quota and then use these steps to set the quota notification rules.

About this task

Quota-specific custom notification rules must be configured for that quota. If notification rules are not configured for a quota, the default event notification configuration is used. For more information about configuring default notification rules, see Create an event notification rule.


  1. In the Edit Quota Details dialog box, select Create custom notification nules.
  2. To add a notification rule, click Create a notification rule, and then select the values that you want to use for the notification.
  3. After you have completed configuring the settings for the notification, click Create Rule.
  4. Click Save Changes.

What to do next

Before using quota data for analysis or other purposes, verify that no QuotaScan jobs are in progress by checking Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Summary.