Configure basic policy settings

You must configure basic settings for a replication policy.


  1. Click Data Protection > SyncIQ > Policies.
  2. Click Create a SyncIQ policy.
  3. In the Settings area, in the Policy name field, type a name for the replication policy.
  4. Optional: In the Description field, type a description for the replication policy.
  5. For the Action setting, specify the type of replication policy.
    • To copy all files from the source directory to the target directory, click Copy.
      Note Image

      Failback is not supported for copy policies.

    • To copy all files from the source directory to the target directory and delete any files on the target directory that are not in the source directory, click Synchronize.
  6. For the Run Job setting, specify whether replication jobs will be run.
    Run jobs only when manually initiated by a user.

    Click Manually.

    Run jobs automatically according to a schedule.
    1. Click On a schedule.
    2. Specify a schedule.

      If you configure a replication policy to run more than once a day, you cannot configure the interval to span across two calendar days. For example, you cannot configure a replication policy to run every hour starting at 7:00 PM and ending at 1:00 AM.

    3. To prevent the policy from being run when the contents of the source directory have not been modified, click Only run if source directory contents are modified.
    4. To create OneFS events if a specified RPO is exceeded, click Send RPO alerts after... and then specify an RPO.

      For example, assume you set an RPO of 5 hours; a job starts at 1:00 PM and completes at 3:00 PM; a second job starts at 3:30 PM; if the second job does not complete by 6:00 PM, SyncIQ will create a OneFS event.

      Note Image

      This option is valid only if RPO alerts have been globally enabled through SyncIQ settings. The events have an event ID of 400040020.

    Run jobs automatically every time that a change is made to the source directory.
    1. Click Whenever the source is modified.
    2. To configure SyncIQ to wait a specified amount of time after the source directory is modified before starting a replication job, click Change-Triggered Sync Job Delay and then specify a delay.
    Runs jobs automatically every time that a snapshot is taken of the source directory.
    1. Click Whenever a snapshot of the source directory is taken.
    2. To only replicate only data contained in snapshots that match a specific naming pattern, type a snapshot naming pattern into the Run job if snapshot name matches the following pattern box.
    3. To replicate data contained in all snapshots that were taken of the source directory before the policy was created, click Sync existing snapshots before policy creation time.

What to do next

The next step in the process of creating a replication policy is specifying source directories and files.