Configure and enable NDMP backup

OneFS prevents NDMP backups by default. Before you can perform NDMP backups, you must enable NDMP backups and configure NDMP settings.


  1. Click Data Protection > NDMP > NDMP Settings.
  2. In the Service area, click Enable NDMP Service.
  3. In the Port number field, specify a port number through which a data management application (DMA) can connect to the Isilon cluster. The default port number is 10000.
  4. Optional: From the DMA vendor list, select the name of the DMA vendor to manage backup operations. If your DMA vendor is not included in the list, select generic. However, note that any vendors not included on the list are not officially supported and might not function as expected.
  5. In the NDMP Administrators area, click Add an NDMP Administrator to add a new administrator.
    The Add NDMP Administrator dialog appears.
  6. Enter an administrator name and password, confirm the password, and click Add NDMP Administrator.
  7. Click Save Changes to save all the settings. Alternatively, click Revert Changes to undo the changes and revert back to the previous settings.