Configure and enable internal failover

You can enable an internal failover on your cluster.

About this task

Internal failover on an IsilonSD cluster is enabled through the failover policy supported by VMware vSphere. Therefore, this procedure is not applicable for IsilonSD Edge.


  1. Click Cluster Management > Network Configuration > Internal Network.
  2. In the Internal Network Settings area, click int-b/Failover.
  3. In the IP Ranges area, for the int-b network, click Add range.
  4. On the Add IP Range dialog box, enter the IP address at the low end of the range in the first IP range field.
  5. In the second IP range field, type the IP address at the high end of the range.
    Ensure that there is no overlap of IP addresses between the int-a and int-b/failover network ranges. For example, if the IP address range for the int-a network is–, specify a range of - for the int-b network.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. In the IP Ranges area for the Failover network, click Add range.
    Add an IP address range for the failover network, ensuring there is no overlap with the int-a network or the int-b network.
    The Edit Internal Network page appears, and the new IP address range appears in the IP Ranges list.
  8. In the Settings area, specify a valid netmask. Ensure that there is no overlap between the IP address range for the int-b network or for the failover network.
    We recommend that the netmask values you specify for int-a and int-b/failover are the same.
  9. In the Settings area, for State, click Enable to enable the int-b and failover networks.
  10. Click Submit.
    The Confirm Cluster Reboot dialog box appears.
  11. Restart the cluster by clicking Yes.