Customize email quota notification templates

You can customize Isilon templates for email notifications. Customizing templates can be performed only from the OneFS command line interface.

About this task

This procedure assumes that you are using the Isilon templates, which are located in the /etc/ifs directory.

Note Image

It is recommend that you do not edit the templates directly. Instead, copy them to another directory to edit and deploy them.


  1. Open a secure shell (SSH) connection to any node in the cluster and log in.
  2. Copy one of the default templates to a directory in which you can edit the file and later access it through the OneFS web administration interface. For example:
    cp /etc/ifs/quota_email_template.txt /ifs/data/quotanotifiers/
  3. Open the template file in a text editor. For example:
    edit /ifs/data/quotanotifiers/quota_email_template_copy.txt
    The template appears in the editor.
  4. Edit the template. If you are using or creating a customized template, ensure the template has a Subject: line.
  5. Save the changes. Template files must be saved as .txt files.
  6. In the web administration interface, browse to File System > SmartQuotas > Settings.
  7. In the Notification Rules area, click Add a Notification Rule.
    The Create a Notification Rule dialog box appears.
  8. From the Rule type list, select the notification rule type that you want to use with the template.
  9. In the Rule Settings area, select a notification type option.
  10. Depending on the rule type that was selected, a schedule form might appear. Select the scheduling options that you want to use.
  11. In the Message template field, type the path for the message template, or click Browse to locate the template.
  12. Optional: Click Create Rule