Assess deduplication space savings

You can assess the amount of disk space you will save by deduplicating a directory.


  1. Click File System > Deduplication > Settings.
  2. In the Assess Deduplication area, click Browse and select a directory that you want to deduplicate.

    If you assess multiple directories, disk savings are not differentiated by directory in the deduplication report.

  3. Click Save to save the deduplication settings.
  4. Click Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Types.
  5. In the Job Types table, locate the DedupeAssessment job, and then click Start Job.
    The Start a Job dialog box appears.
  6. Click Start Job.
  7. Click Cluster Management > Job Operations > Job Summary.
    Active jobs appear in the Active Jobs list.
  8. Wait for the assessment job to complete.
    When the DedupeAssessment job is complete, the job is removed from the Active Jobs list.
  9. Click File System > Deduplication > Summary.
    In the Deduplication Assessment Reports area, in the row of the most recent assessment job, click View Report.
  10. View the amount of disk space that will be saved if you deduplicate the directory.
    The number of blocks that will be deduplicated is displayed in the Deduped blocks field.