Add the Isilon vendor provider

You must add an Isilon cluster as a vendor provider in VMware vCenter before you can view information about the storage capabilities of the cluster through vCenter.

Before you begin

Download a vendor provider certificate. Create a self-signed certificate if you are running vCenter version 6.0.


  1. In vCenter, navigate to the Add Vendor Provider window.
  2. Fill out the following fields in the Add Vendor Provider window:

    Type a name for this VASA provider. Specify as any string. For example, type Isilon System.


    Type https://<IPAddress>:8081/vasaprovider, where <IPAddress> is the IP address of a node in the Isilon cluster.


    Type root.


    Type the password of the root user.

    Certificate location

    Type the file path of the vendor provider certificate for this cluster.

  3. Select the Use Vendor Provider Certificate box.
  4. Click OK.